FKC Sauce is a unique inspiration from our love for food and family heritage of culinary art. As a kid I used to sit next to my grandfather as he would grind a unique blend of spices in a huge mortar and pestle. And I asked him questions, Grandpa, why did you put so little of this spice and bit more of that? He smiled and said, I don't know son, I think you will like it when we leave the paste on meat for tonight and cook it tomorrow. 

I knitted brows and thought he didn't know what he was doing. Next evening, he prepared the wood oven with a set of grills at a specific height and lit it up. He watched as the flames started to mount, after around 20 mins, he had put a small piece of meat on the grill and left it to burn as he observed the flames and adjusted the height of grills. Before the family started to assemble in the courtyard for the feast, his calm demeanour and amazing aromas would travel to the every corner of our house dragging everybody next to him, he didn't have to announce that the food is ready! Everyone felt hungry already. 

The first serve was always offered to the kids and being the youngest I would always get to taste the feast before others. Everyone whom he served the first portion wouldn't talk for a while and simple express yummazing express with hand and facial gestures. You've guessed it right, they had a mouthful. And the evening carried on with telling the saga how he learnt it from his grandfather. I miss my Grandpa but his stories and love for taste is still quite a legacy of our family that would be passed on to the next generation. 

Since we love food, we love to share stories from other great legacies too. Did you know the story of PERI-PERI Sauce?

Chicken in a PERI-PERI Sauce

Chicken cravings can be the ultimate reason to sit together and share a plate full of amazing flavors with friends and family. But who made us fall in love with this typical chicken taste? It was Nando’s that made people fall in an intense relationship and gave us this heavenly experience with chicken. All you have to do it is, grab the piece and get lost in its aromatic essence and rich spicy zest. It sounds incredible right?

The story behind the PERI-PERI Sauce

Well, if you are a deep Nando’s chicken fan, then we must tell you, you have a great taste already! Nando’s story has a century-old start. This was this unique PERI-PERI sauce, that was originally from Africa but explored by the Portuguese while their sail for the East. The moment they tried this “African Bird’s Eye Chilli” (commonly known as PERI-PERI), their bellies were set on fire. Their soul craved for another sizzling shot and all they could feel was a satisfying urge for more and more PERI-PERI sauce.

Moving forward, it was Fernando Duarte who got inspired by the same PERI-PERIflavor sauce and opened up this humble Portuguese eatery with his friend in the year 1987. It soon became a hot selling spot for chicken lovers because the chicken was especially dipped and marinated in that sauce that embraced its tastes. You try anything, the wings, breasts, or the leg piece, they all tasted incredibly awesome.

Today, Nando’s is not just a favorite spot for youngsters; it is enjoyed by every age group. The place does not only give you space to deeply enjoy the rich and organic flavors, but also make your whole experience worth eating.

What is the best to try in Nando’s?

Well, every meal in Nando’s is scrumptious and tasty as it maintains total hygiene standards with a detailed process of preparing the dish. There is completely no comparison at all. But still, let us tell you that about that one wholesome dish that can be tried any time, any season and any day with anyone!

It is the roasted chicken in PERI-PERI sauce. We know, your mouth has already started watering - imagining the delicious plate of this specially cooked chicken. No wonder, why it always top the charts when it comes to people’s favorite. If you haven’t yet tried it, then what are you even waiting for? Seasoned with tangy, spicy, and aromatic sauce, this chicken makes a great evening with friends and beloved.

Do not hold on to the hunger pangs in your bellies, just order the roasted chicken delicacy and enjoy everything from its presentation to deliciousness.