A life-Journey of Fried Chicken

A snack that made celeb and commoners to share from the same plate is fried chicken. A dish, so popular that it motivated a man to spend his rest of retirement in finding the perfect recipe. And, that recipe which made the rest of the world recognize fried chicken by one name that is called KFC chicken.

But what fired chickens we knew it today, holds back a much renowned and fascinating history. The first-ever fried chicken was cooked in the 4th century and was famous by the name Pullum Frontonianum. In the 1730s enslaved and segregated African-American women sell deep-fried chicken for the independent economy who later became noted sellers. Later their recipe was considered a rare dish in the African-American community because of special ingredients.

It later became a staple food for Americans and turn out to be the most common meal for soldiers of the American Civil War. Fired chickens were served with watermelon and chitterlings. Later in the year 1952 in Kentucky, Colonel Harland Sanders comes with his crunchy and juicy fried chicken recipe that we known as KFC chicken.

But, the legacy of fried chicken is continuing to this day. Today, you can find millions of recipes for fried chicken and the same number of outlets, promising better than previously. For instance, FKC’s chicken is much healthier, fuller, and comes in great flavours. The chicken is slowly good in oven and tossed with FKC sauce that makes it an ultimate customer choice. And, is served to freshly chopped vegetables that turn out to be a perfect compliment.

Here are a few interesting facts about fried chicken that you will love to share with your friends and family members while enjoying a bucket for the next time.

The fried chicken was not American, as it was first documented by Europeans during the Middle Age. And, it was in the 18th century when Scottish immigrants arrived in America, they shared the recipe with the locals.

Although the fried chicken was from Europe and Africa, its evolution comes with modern technologies. This made fried chicken a staple fast-food industry for Americans.

Today, southern countries are more successful in preparing the American acquired Fried Chicken and selling it with their own twist.

Here is a few popular countries fried chicken that you must give a try:

  • Japanese chicken Karaage: The chicken morsels are first marinated in seasonings and soy sauce and then deep-fried in potato starch for tempura-like texture.
  • Taiwanese Fried chicken: These are typically served from street carts and are topped with salt, pepper and chili.
  • Korean Fried Chicken: If you are looking for extra crispy then these are your safest bet. These are twice-fried and comes with spicy gochujang sauce.